What is the time duration to process and deliver the Miniature?

It takes 3-4 weeks to deliver. 

What Material is the Miniature made up of?

The material is called PLA Material. They are also safe to use.

Will the miniature break after few years?

No. It is made up of PLA Material which is a tough material and its unbreakable. Thus it will not break easily.

What percentage of accuracy is provided?

Approx 70% accuracy will be provided.

When can I get the soft copy?

A soft copy will be provided to you within 7-10 days of placing the order.You can make the necessary changes to the soft copy.

Will modifications be allowed in Hard Copy?

No, Modifications are not allowed in hard copy. Any changes need to be made in the soft copy only.

What type of pictures can be added?

You need to provide us with HD-quality photos. You need to upload the photo on the website/product page through the link. If the picture is blurred we will send an email asking you to send us a new image. You can send the new image in the same mail or you can mail it to info@artgalore.in

Can more than 3 people be added to the miniature?

Yes, it can be added. It varies depending upon the demand, please refer to the product description page for more exact details or reach out to us by clicking on the WhatsApp chat button

Is the miniature a complete solid?

It's semi-solid. It has some space in between and inside the miniature/model.